About Us

Just Imagine Properties - "Where Dreams turn into Realty!"

It’s from this Dream that Just Imagine Auctions was born. We believe that hard work bares fruit. Our core values of integrity, honesty and authenticity assists us in building quality and lasting relationships with our clients.

At Just Imagine Auctions we strive to offer our clients a material alternative to selling and buying property in the traditional marketplace. We believe that we can do this successfully by offering Auctions that are professional, transparent and ethical. With a winning recipe and the best Estate agency in the country behind Just Imagine Auctions we will strive to be the best Auctioneering company in South Africa.

Auctioneer - Walter Pretorius

Benefits of selling on Auction

  • Auctions are a very quick way of selling your property – sell your property within 4 weeks.
  • Auctions ensure that your property gets maximum exposure with its focused yet very extensive approach to marketing.
  • Auctions create a competitive environment that ensures sellers get the highest possible price.
  • NO commission payable by the seller when selling on auction.
  • The auction process is very transparent, the rules of the auction are disclosed and read out before start of the bidding to ensure clarity.
  • Auctions take place on a fixed date, so the sellers will have an answer on a pre-determined date.
  • Auctions attract market interest – willing buyers are aware of an asset brought to market.
  • Properties sold on auction are sold “as is” (voetstoots).
  • Marketing for an auction is focused specifically on your property.
  • A 10% deposit is payable by the buyer on the fall of the hammer which secures the transaction.
  • NO suspensive conditions when selling on auction.

Auction Process

  • We meet with the clients and sign our Auction mandate, while signing the mandate we will discuss and decide on an appropriate Auction date that suits both parties. We do a FREE BANK VALUATION of the property.
  • Our marketing plan is put in to action immediately after setting the date of the auction. The marketing campaign will run for 3 weeks before the Auction to make sure we get maximum exposure.
  • During this marketing campaign, our Just Imagine agent will still market the property and make sure all potential buyers are happy and taken care of.
  • We will put up between 40 and 100 advertising boards in the direct and surrounding area. The board are placed at busy intersections and strategically chosen locations. Research has shown that more than 70% of response originates from outdoor advertising boards and we have therefore doubled the number of boards in the industry norm.
  • We have a large, updated and categorized SMS database of regular clientele to whom SMS’s are sent notifying them of the specific up and coming open days and auctions.
  • We also place adverts in relevant print media should the budget allow for it.
  • There is no Auction like a Just Imagine Auction.  Auction days are well branded and professional.
  • The Auction will be advertised on our website as well as on all the relevant property websites in accordance with the new Consumer Protection Act.
  • The Auction will be conducted by a highly qualified auctioneer with years of experience that will make sure that we get the highest bid on the day.
  • Copies of the rules of the auction will be handed out on the day of the auction with a welcoming pack to each potential buyer that registers.
  • A 10% deposit is paid by the buyer on the day of the auction to secure the transaction.
  • The buyer will sign an offer to purchase on the day.
  • We will negotiate with buyers making higher offers during the confirmation period to ensure that the seller gets the maximum price for the property.
  • Constant communication with both the seller and purchaser during the process, will insure all parties are informed.
  • After the transaction is secured we will assist with the transfer of the property with the help of our trusted conveyancing attorney.

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